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How To Create Mind-Blowing Content

Let’s go back to my very first year of teaching kindergarten. You knew I used to teacher kindergarten, right? I wanted to be the best teacher I could be and I thought the key to that was planning. I planned an entire year of quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for my students before I even laid eyes upon them. Here’s what happened the first day: a fire drill, kids crying, some kids knew how to spell their own name while other kids didn’t know the difference between letters and numbers. One student wandered out of the bathroom with her pants down and asked me to wipe her butt. I…...

How To Write Your Twitter Bio Like A Boss

1. Logo or Personal Photo Before deciding whether to use your brand name or personal name, think about how you will be using Twitter. Some people use Twitter only as a broadcasting tool. “20% Sale in my Etsy shop!” “New post up on the blog!” Gross. That is just one big commercial. Instead, I encourage you to use Twitter to develop business relationships with other users. I have made meaningful business contacts, new friends, and increased sales through Twitter. You can meet new people through Twitter Chats or by scrolling through someone’s feed. If someone you follow is having a conversation with someone else, there’s…...