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Hey! I’m Caitlin.

I help course creators generate consistent revenue every month so they can get off the launch roller coaster.

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What is Holding You Back From Going ALL IN With a FB Group?

Right now, it FEELS like you’re doing everything right inside your Facebook group… …which is why it’s incredibly frustrating when engagement is low AND when you’re not making any money. The reality is that there are some powerful mindset shifts you need to make if you want to increase your profitability… …so, let’s DIG IN. Key Takeaways + Why focusing on LESS is the key to a profitable FB group [2:14] + How your EGO can completely ruin your FB group [9:24] + 3 self-sabotaging beliefs that you need to eliminate immediately in order to succeed [18:27] + What steps…...

Stop Trying To Be Perfect In Your Facebook Group

Do you obsess over every single thing you post inside your Facebook group? Do you procrastinate when it comes to creating social media content because you’re worried it might not be good enough? Are you terrified of live video because you think everyone will laugh at you? Well, stop it! In this video, you’ll learn three incredibly powerful mindset shifts that will help your inner-perfectionist take a knee, so you can actually get shit done. Let’s get started!   FOCUS ON TAKING IMPERFECT ACTION Whether you’re trying to start, grow, or scale your existing business…I know how frustrating it can…...