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Hi, I’m Caitlin!

You can create a profitable course business that generates predictable revenue every month without launching.

And I show you how in this free masterclass, The Scale Method: How To Generate "Launch Sized" Revenue without Launching Ever Again.

Are you running your course business,

Or is it running you?

I ask because I’ve been there before. 

I spent too much time hustling, launching, and doing everything I could to scale my course business. But it came at a cost...

It was early dismissal day at my daughter’s school and instead of picking her up early, like I promised…

...I was too busy writing 11 pages of launch copy. 

I forgot completely.

When I got to the school, she wrapped her little arms around me and as her hot tears fell on my neck, she cried, “you forgot all about me.” 

My heart broke.

If this was what was required for a 7-figure business, I wanted out. 

But then someone showed me another way and it changed everything.

If you find yourself...

...exhausted with what feels like an always-increasing hold that your business has taken on your family life...

...overwhelmed with how to keep your funnel full of ready-to-buy leads who don’t require months and months of warm up and handholding...

...wishing you could communicate your course offer in a way that makes both your hot and cold prospects say “SIGN ME UP!” as soon as they see your sales page...

...then I’m here to show you that another way is possible.

After working with some of the biggest & brightest online course creators, I’ve identified the foundational pillars necessary for creating a course business that’s profitable, sustainable, & scalable - including:


Packaging your course into a specific, irresistible offer that will overcome objections and sell on auto-pilot


Creating a lead generation system so your audience is always growing and always nurtured without having to post on social media all day long.


Building a highly-effective, automated sales process that converts 24/7 - bringing you the revenue predictability you need to scale.


Optimizing the student experience for ongoing enrollment, so they can get results - with or without you.


Building a lean, profitable team without micromanaging.

If you’d like to learn more about the proprietary process that I - and hundreds of my clients - have used to quickly scale an online course business, then be sure to watch my free masterclass
The Scale Method: How To Generate "Launch Sized" Revenue Without Launching Ever Again.

It’s with this very process that, together with my team, we’ve had the pleasure of serving clients like:



“Since making the changes the coaches suggested inside Scale with Success, my evergreen webinar is killing it. My goal last year was to hit six figures with my evergreen webinar. Now we’re doing that each month. This is awesome!”



“When I started Scale with Success, my old webinar strategy was not working. Now I made more in the first 5 days of August with my evergreen webinar than I did in my last launch. This month we’re on track to make $60,000 with our evergreen webinar.”

We are able to help clients get results like these because we aren’t trying to serve just anyone. We’re here to serve you - we are Built for Course Creators™.