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How To Make The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Changes Work For Your Business

When Instagram algorithm changes were announced on March 15, small business owners everywhere lit a candle and cried. On Tuesday my feed *blew up* with prickly graphics from biz owners that incited their audience to sign petitions, protest with a day of Instagram silence, and write a letter to Instagram’s customer service department. Here’s why I think a complain-a-thon is a complete waste of time: Instagram doesn’t work for free and neither do you. The world doesn’t revolve around you and what suits the needs of your business. (Most people on Instagram don’t own a business.) Change happens. While you are…...

What’s Your Instagram Strategy? | The Higgins Creative

You know what drives me crazy? A gorgeous Instagram account with a strong voice that has fewer followers than I do. I was dying to work with Lilah Higgins, of The Higgins Creative, for a long time before she contacted me for some consulting. We met on Instagram and I got to know her a bit more in my private Facebook group, Creative Biz Owners. Lilah has a beautiful minimalist aesthetic that I absolutely love. Read on to discover how she uses Instagram to grow her creative business. 1. Who are you, what do you do, and how did it…...