After personally consulting hundreds of business owners, training hundreds more in my online course, Bossy Biz Ladies, and listening to thousands more in my private Facebook group. I see the same concerns about social media marketing come up again and again. Most of these concerns are based on myths perpetuated by people who have no idea what they’re doing on social media.

I am on a mission to teach bloggers and online biz owners how to create a PROFITABLE social media strategy. When you sign up for my free 6 Day E-Course, Sell More On Social, your mind will be blown. It’s a serious *face palm* moment when you realize that until now, your social strategy has been completely backwards.

Now onto the myths!

1. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have.

Whenever I see a social media course that focuses on getting followers fast or getting all the likes, I cringe. Ugh. This is completely backwards thinking and will have no effect on your sales. Gaining a bunch of random followers each month is easy and useless.

Now, gaining a ton of TARGETED followers each day is a gold mine. Why? Your existing followers will only buy so much. You need a steady stream of new visitors to your website and subscribers to your newsletter. Social media can help you do this IF you have a profitable social media strategy in place. CLICK HERE to learn more about creating a profitable social media strategy in my FREE 6 day e-course: Sell More On Social.

2. You need to be obsessed with authenticity.

I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this, but whatevs. Some people become so obsessed with authenticity that they become a hot mess on social media. There seems to be a weird competition over who can be the most authentic.

You think you’re authentic? Here’s a picture of the coffee I am drinking right now.

Oh, yeah? Well here’s a photo of my cat. Take that!

Ha! Here’s a dumb selfie and GUESS WHAT? I’m not even going to mention my products or services so nobody even knows I’m selling anything. 

Really? Who cares. We should be too focused on our own businesses to worry about who is or isn’t living up to our standard of authenticity.

Here’s the deal. You are a BUSINESS. If you aren’t talking about your products and services on social media then nobody else will. Damn. That was a good one. Go ahead and tweet that out, boss.

You are a BUSINESS. If you aren't talking about your products and services on social media, nobody else will. Click To Tweet

3. Engagement is everything.

In my private Facebook group, you can sign up here, I see A TON of people worrying about how many likes their latest Instagram photo gets. If you can relate, I don’t blame you. Our brains are hard-wired to want more likes. It’s an endorphin rush when we see that number pass 11, then 100, and so on. Likes feel good and make us feel validated. The problem is that LIKES ALONE WON’T PAY YOUR BILLS.

Can someone make that a t-shirt, please? I will be your affiliate.

Likes won't pay your bills unless you've grown a targeted following. Take Caitlin's free course and learn how. Click To Tweet

4. There is so much free information out there, it is useless to pay for a course on social media.

So…how is all that free information working out for you so far? You can spend an eternity reading a bazillion articles from different sources on optimizing your profile, getting new followers, increasing engagement, etc.

Trying to piece a social media strategy together from bits and pieces that may or may not be legit will leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Boo.

Here’s the brilliant thing about online courses (especially mine): they save you time. I’d rather learn from an expert who has done it herself than waste my time sifting through all the crap that is out there.

I’m SUPER choosey about who I buy from. If I find value in their blog and their testimonials are legit, then I buy. The time I spend researching a specific topic by myself could be better spent on other aspects of my business. I’d rather learn from an expert who has done it herself and found success.

Click here to learn how Bossy Biz Ladies will give you the clarity you need to grow a following of motivated buyers that can’t get enough of your products and services.