1. Logo or Personal Photo

Before deciding whether to use your brand name or personal name, think about how you will be using Twitter. Some people use Twitter only as a broadcasting tool. “20% Sale in my Etsy shop!” “New post up on the blog!” Gross. That is just one big commercial.

Instead, I encourage you to use Twitter to develop business relationships with other users. I have made meaningful business contacts, new friends, and increased sales through Twitter. You can meet new people through Twitter Chats or by scrolling through someone’s feed. If someone you follow is having a conversation with someone else, there’s a good chance you will want to follow that person, too.

2. Brand Name or Personal Name

If you are using a logo as your profile picture, then list your brand name. Use your personal name if you include a personal photo. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at someone’s face and not knowing what their name is. Nothing. Except maybe when you open your packet of gum and realize it is empty. Nooo.

3. Job Title 

Since you will be schmoozing it up on Twitter, list your job title. If you run the show at your biz, then let everyone know about it.

4. Tagline

Use your brand’s tagline to give a succinct description of what your brand has to offer. Unlike Instagram, this is not the place to write ‘Rosemary Enthusiast’.

5. CTA

If you are trying to use social media to increase sales and build your email list, then you need to give people a clear Call To Action. What is your goal? If your goal is to increase newsletter subscribers, then you need to tell people why they should. What are you giving people who sign up for your list? A free course, downloadable, coupon, etc. Whatever it is, tell people to click the link to get it.

6. Location

Don’t forget to include your location. Twitter users are more likely to follow you if they see you are from the same place. Also, brands are more likely to follow you back if they see you are from the same area. Brooklyn is likely to follow Brooklyn because they want to support their local design community.

7. Link

Link to your website. If you have an opt-in, then link to that. Social media is the first step to developing a relationship with someone. The next step is getting them on your email list.

After you update your Twitter profile, send me a Tweet and let me know!