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How To Mentor Your Team Into Leadership Roles In Your Online Course Business

If you’re trying to grow your online business, you are likely trying to grow a team at the same time.  And if you have started bringing on employees and team members you’ve probably experienced several adjustments and hiccups.  A big one for a lot of online course creators is finding people who LOVE what your business stands for and who they serve. And not only that they are COMMITTED to the growth of the company, and are committed to growing themselves.  In this video I give you several tips on how to mentor your team into leadership roles in your…...

Some Of The TOP Entrepreneurs Are INTROVERTS

Have you ever stopped and thought about it? What is possible today has NEVER been possible before. I mean, you can connect with people from around the globe, leverage your skills, talent & knowledge, and change lives on a daily basis… …by just being who you are, from the comfort of your home, with the touch of your fingers. What more could you ask for? But the real question is… Why are you STILL scared to do things your heart desires? What is it that’s stopping you? In most cases, it’s usually your fear to go out of your way…...