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Hey! I’m Caitlin.

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The People Who DON’T Complete Your Online Course Aren’t Lazy

If you have an online course then you’ve likely had your fair share of students who never complete it.  Having a few here and there is completely normal, but if you are someone who has a significant amount of students not completing your online course this video is for you.  It’s tempting to think people are just lazy. However, more often than not I found laziness is NOT the case for people who don’t complete an online course.  As an entrepreneur who is seeking to make an impact, I encourage you to let go of defensiveness and accusatory emotions. I…...

Why Moms Make The Most Powerful Course Creators

If you are a mother and an online course creator, this video is for you. No, it’s not going to be a self-help or inspirational speech where I feed you motivational statements and quotes.  Instead, I wanted to make this video simply to remind you that being a mother takes strength and grit. The same strength and grit you need to run a business. Because you’ve already gone through countless hurdles and challenges with your daughters or sons you are conditioned to be strong. That’s why you are going to be one of the best course creators out there. As mothers…...