If you feel like your marketing strategy looks like a crazy patchwork quilt that’s falling apart at the seams, it’s because you don’t have a system. 

As a course creator, do you want to keep implementing random marketing tactics you’ve learned here and there and just hope they work out and generate a ton of income? 

Most entrepreneurs understand the concept of building demand for an offer before they ask someone to buy, but most FORGET to connect with their audience and build demand for the webinar itself. 

Our clients generate so much income from their evergreen webinars because they implement our system for growing an audience and building demand for the webinar and offer BEFORE clients even show up to the webinar. 

That’s what I’m covering in this video. I’ll be talking about traits that will help you move from a Worried Launcher to a Successful Scaler with customers who actually want to buy your online course. 

To your success,

Caitlin Bacher
Creator of Scale with Success®