Alright, so you want to start a Facebook group. CONGRATULATIONS!

You are making one of the BEST decisions you possibly can for your biz. (If you want three reasons why click HERE)

I couldn’t be more excited for you.

But I can sense a little hesitation. And I get it, starting a group can be a big, scary endeavor.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

But I can help quell your fears by dispelling some super common myths about hosting a Facebook group.

Ready to have your mind BLOWN?

Here we go.

Myth #1: “I need to be well-known before I start my group.”

Is this opposite day?

This kind of thinking is completely BACKWARDS (or if it’s opposite day, forwards??)

Hosting a Facebook group actually builds your popularity, not the other way around.

I know that might sound CRAZY but it’s 100% true.

Eighteen months ago I started my own Facebook group. And if you looked at my social media footprint, you’d think I didn’t exist.

I mean it. Zero customers, zero people on my mailing list, and a tiny social media following.

I was starting from scratch. (And not in the fun, baking cookies way.)

And I totally get it, I was terrified that my tiny following was going to doom my group.

But it wasn’t until after I started my Facebook group that my email list exploded and social media had me feeling like the popular girl in school. People even started inviting me to be on podcasts, host joint webinars, subscribe to my newsletter, and buy my products.

My lists, social media presence and Facebook group, grew SO FAST. I went from zero to 10k in less than a YEAR.

So basically, don’t fret about your following. They will come. You just need strong strategies and the right processes to make it happen.


Myth #2: “There are already too many groups.”

If we all had to come up with totally original, unique ideas to be successful, nobody would be successful.

The internet is a HUGE page. It’s not some small town from a Western movie that’s “not big enough for the two of us.” Trust me, it’s got room for you.

And honestly, if there are a lot of groups similar to the one you want to create, THAT IS A GOOD THING. It means people are already interested in that topic! (And there are definitely more where that came from!)

People tend to be very particular about who they follow. The fit needs to be perfect!

Have you ever joined a Facebook group and struggled to connect with other members or the host? I HAVE!

Once, I wandered into a Facebook group for entrepreneurs and the host was talking about makeup and weight loss. What??? No, thanks. That group may appeal to some entrepreneurs, but it didn’t appeal to me. And THAT’S why there’s room for EVERYONE.

The truth is, your group won’t appeal to everyone. (And it honestly SHOULDN’T.) It won’t appeal to spammy-spamsters, party poopers, or anyone who doesn’t see the value in what you create. (You’d want to kick those losers out anyway!)

But it WILL attract people who connect with you, love what you’re all about, and be EXCITED to buy your products.

Do you believe in running a heart-centered business? Your peeps will join. Are you all about tough love? Your peeps will join. Are you a little woo-woo? Your peeps will join.

There are 7.4 billion people in this big wide world and about 3 billion have access to the Internet. Trust me, there’s a place for your group.

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Myth #3: “I have to know everything about everything or people will think I’m a fraud”

Well guess what? YOU DON’T. In fact it’s BETTER if you DON’T know everything. (It would be weird if you did.)

The way I see it, nobody wants to belong to a group run by a know-it-all.

People join groups for connection and community, not to be told what to do or have answers barked at them. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and let someone else in your group answer a question. Or even better, tag someone who might know the answer. You’ll be helping two people instead of one!

This will help encourage conversation and participation. Because why would anyone answer if they know the host is gonna jump right in and answer everything.

Plus, I bet you’re actually more prepared than you think. Once you start your group you’ll see just how much you were totally taking your knowledge for granted.

Now, you honestly have ZERO excuses for putting off your Facebook group any longer. Time to cross this off your list!

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