So I’m guessing you’re here because you think you might need a Facebook group for your biz.

…Or maybe you just want to see what all this Facebook group fuss is about.

…Or maybe you just clicked on this blog by accident.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. Because Facebook groups are THE tool for kicking your biz into HIGH GEAR.

They aren’t just important, they’re NECESSARY for building and expanding a successful online business.

I’m not exaggerating for dramatic effect.

They are seriously THAT FRIGGIN’ GREAT!

Not convinced? Here are THREE reasons why Facebook groups will change your life. (i.e. bring in the BANK)

1. They make Facebook WORK.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, having a Facebook PAGE isn’t so great anymore.

Unless you are a wiz at Facebook ads, nobody is commenting on your Facebook page or even SEEING anything you post. Your interaction is next to ZILCH.

It’s not you, it’s Facebook.

Facebook purposely decreases your page’s organic reach to about 2%. This means if 100 people like your page, only TWO will see your Facebook post.

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Of course, Facebook does this because they want you to BUY ADS. They actually make the MAJORITY of their money off folks buying ads. So, if you want ANY engagement at all, you’re gonna have to pay for it.

Now, there’s not anything wrong with this, Facebook ads can totally work, but you need to know what you’re doing and be ready to make a $$ investment.

If learning how to run ads is a skill you’re passionate about or have the money to hire a consultant to run ads for you, then by all means, ad-away. But most of us need to find a better system.

Enter Facebook groups.

One of the absolute BEST parts about Facebook groups is they are FREE! Free for YOU and free for your members! Clients love groups because they’re a 100% risk free investment AND they don’t have to leave the platform they already visit on the daily.

But my FAVORITE thing about Facebook groups (besides everything) your reach is 100%. This means that if 100 people are in your Facebook group, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will see your daily posts.

That gives you TREMENDOUS control in how you distribute content. No more guessing if people will see your posts or that feeling that you’re just SHOUTING into a void. Facebook groups give you the power to manage your group in a very mindful and strategic way.

You’ll get better turn out to free webinars, WAY more page views on your blogs, AND your eCourse and eBook sales will SKYROCKET. (Because your people will actually SEE what you’re promoting.)

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2. You can create better (i.e. sellable) products for your audience.

Have you ever spent HOURS and HOURS creating a new product that you’re SURE your clients will love, only to have it completely FLOP?

Me, too. It sucks.

But how are you supposed to read their minds?

Before I started hosting my own Facebook group, I had no idea what my audience wanted. I would spend time in other people’s groups, reading feeds, and asking questions. But I just wasn’t getting the answers I needed.

Nothing clicked.

It wasn’t until I build my OWN community that I was able to develop products that I KNEW my customers CRAVED.

And guess what? My sales got SUPER CHARGED. Fancy that.

Look, trying to survey other people’s Facebook groups just doesn’t work.

Here’s why: That is not your audience. It might LOOK like your audience. But don’t fool yourself, it’s NOT the same.

Different coaches attracted to different types of people even if they’re seeking help with similar problems. Which is great! Means there’s room for all of us.

But only if you start your OWN group will you be able to see what YOUR people want. Many times they will just flat out TELL YOU the kind of course they want to see. How helpful is that?

And if you needed ANOTHER bonus: developing new free content will also be a SNAP.

Reading their discussions, answering questions, and hearing them vent will provide you with an endless supply of blog posts, content upgrades, books, and worksheets.

Your hardest choice will be deciding which genius idea to work on FIRST.

3. Build that TRUST, baby.

TRUST is EVERYTHING when it comes to the info-industry. It’s the NUMBER ONE way you will attract new numbers and convert sales.

And Facebook groups are the best, more efficient way to build that trust.

Through the intimate nature of hosting a group, your audience will get a chance to directly interact with you, and see you as a partner.

But they won’t just learn to trust you as a person, they’ll learn to trust your content!

By providing them with TONS of valuable, helpful content that can directly impact their lives, they’ll quickly see you as a leader in your field and source for all things HELPFUL.

This trust will DIRECTLY affect your sales in a BIG way.

I cannot overstate the value that a free community provides.

Are you CONVINCED yet?

Honestly, I think I re-convinced myself!

Look, people want to belong. They want to find a special place where they feel like the host and the other members “get them”. So, if you provide this space, they will love you forever. And that love = SALES.

I love a good win-win.

WHATEVER you do, DON’T try to figure out Facebook groups on your own. Click here to get your free copy of The Facebook Group Host Roadmap and learn what to do.