Have you ever done a webinar before? I have several webinars under my belt now, but still consider myself a webinar newbie.

Before you say, “Caitlin. I sell ___ , so webinars won’t work for me,” I respectfully reply: You are wrong.

Webinars are for everyone. Hello. Just tune into the Home Shopping Network/QVC for a day and you will see that ANYTHING can be sold in a live format. They will literally talk about the benefits of owning a denim jumpsuit for an entire hour, while people call in and say how excited they are to get theirs.

So, webinars are for you. The end.

I was able to get over 1,600 people to sign up for my last webinar and today I am sharing exactly how I did it.

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1. I Made My Co-Presenter Irresistible To My Audience

Anyone I ever co-present with is someone that I respect and (more importantly) will provide you with immense value. I mean, I could just bring my friends on all the time as co-presenters, but how would that benefit you? I am all about action and I know you are too. If you don’t walk away from any of my webinars with pages of notes that you can implement right away, I haven’t done my job.

So, this time around I took time to educate my audience about my co-presenter, Maya Elious. In my first email broadcast (I used ConvertKit *), I explained how we met (it was on Periscope) and why I think Maya is freaking amazing. I wasn’t selling the webinar, I was selling the benefits she would offer my audience. This was a HUGE difference from how I promoted my last webinar.

I gave specific examples of what her area of expertise was, the success she has achieved in her own business, and how learning from her will lead to a more profitable business. In other words, I drew people in with a story and then laid out all the benefits she would deliver. Again, your audience doesn’t care why you like your co-presenter, they want to know how your co-presenter will benefit them.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your audience how your co-presenter will benefit them.


How To Get More Registrants For Your Webinar With ConvertKit | caitlinbacher.com

I switched all my email opt-ins to ConvertKit on January 11 and love it.

 2. Give, Give, Then Give Some More

After I introduced her to my email list on January 22 (you can see the bump in the graph above), I began promoting in my Facebook group. I posted a standard promo graphic in my group with a quick blurb inviting people to sign up. Later that night I switched gears and posted a personal story about online business that drew people in so they were ready to follow through with the call to action I gave at the end of the post. On January 23, I posted a relatable analogy on Instagram which helped people understand the relationship between social media and a sales funnel.

This is a clear demonstration of what I teach in my course, The Fab Facebook Group System. You need to prime your audience. Period. If you are out there yelling about your product or service, people will tune you out. Not only does The Fab Facebook Group System show you how to grow a massive group, it teaches you exactly how to sell to them WITHOUT being sales-y.

P.S. If you aren’t in my Facebook group now, you probably should. I will make you laugh at least once and will also give you tons of tips and analogies to help you grow your biz. 

TAKE ACTION: Make sure you are giving value throughout your promotional content.

3. Don’t Stop Promoting (and giving value)

My free Facebook group has grown to nearly 6,000 online biz owners and bloggers. I decided that I was going to promote once a day in the five days leading up to my webinar. Did I feel sales-y? Nope. When I host a webinar and people miss out, they get legit pissed. I knew people would get immense value from attending live and asking questions. Sitting on all this value and not sharing it would have been a crying shame.

In the five days leading up to the webinar I did the following promotions:

  • One email
  • 5 Facebook group posts
  • 4 Instagram posts
  • 10 tweets on Twitter
  • 3 Periscope broadcasts

This is not a drill, people. Webinars are a ton of work and it will lead to nothing if you do not promote it.

TAKE ACTION: Promote, promote, and promote again.

4. I also started with zero

If you think the only reason I was able to get 1,657 people to sign up for my webinar is because I have a large Facebook group, you are right. I do have a large group and I have worked my buns off to build it.

A year ago I was in the same place you are now. Struggling to get followers and struggling to get sales. It took me forever to learn how to grow my Facebook group, but you don’t have to wait that long.

TAKE ACTION: Grab your free copy of The Facebook Group Host Roadmap. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

*This article includes an affiliate link to ConvertKit because I love it.