Most people worry they’re not sharing ENOUGH free content in their Facebook group, but have you ever wondered if you’re sharing too much? In this video, I’ll show you how much content you should be sharing inside your group.

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Today I want to take the overwhelm out of creating free content for your Facebook group. Sharing content in your group doesn’t have to be stressful and it can EVEN be easy.


Daily prompts are important for a few reasons, but mostly because they encourage a sense of community. There is something ritualistic about being in your favorite group and commenting on the same prompt each week.

Most of us are isolated in our homes or offices and commenting on a prompt alongside many others makes us feel connected.

Now, daily prompts require a bit of strategy.

Some people REALLY struggle with getting engagement on their daily prompts.  If that’s happening, it’s because your prompt isn’t resonating with your audience.

So, how do you know what content resonates?

Pro-tip: Do a bit of research in other groups with a similar target market and see what resonates in there or better yet, get on the phone with one of your group members!

Some group hosts are intensely connected with their audience BEFORE they start their groups, and some aren’t. If you are still in the midst of figuring out what your ideal customers want, don’t despair.

As long as you continue to listen and tinker with your prompts, you’ll figure it out.


Livestream video is the fastest way to connect with your group members and earn their trust. Text-based posts are great, but nothing humanizes your brand more than live video.

If you’re worried about what your livestream should be about, don’t be.

Consider repurposing your latest blog post into a live stream. Sure, there are some people in your group who may have read your post, but they would still enjoy hearing directly from you.

Pro-tip: Repurpose your content to amplify your message. Wow. That tip was loaded with industry jargon. What I mean to say is, good content is worth sharing again and again.


Don’t ever minimize the power of a personal story.

Remember, your members are in tons of groups, but they show up to yours because of YOU.

One of my MOST popular posts in my own Facebook group is about an important business lesson I learned from serving macaroni and cheese.

If you join my Facebook group, and search “macaroni”, you’ll find it.

That post only took a few minutes to write, but it’s message REALLY resonated with my audience.

Pro-Tip: If you write a PARTICULARLY juicy story, make sure to share it in your weekly newsletter.

Don’t share the whole story, but give a few hints and include a link to that specific post. This will also encourage your email list members to join your group.

Now you’ve learned 3 types of content you can start sharing in your group today!

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