If you’re like me, your blog titles are a thousand years long. The problem with this is that the cover image on your Pinterest boards is too teeny weeny to fit your whole, glorious title. Yes, it’s glorious.

Never fear. You can create a beautifully branded Pinterest board cover for your Pinterest account in no time at all. Make sure to get my FREE Pinterest e-book and learn how I gained 1,000 followers in one month. CLICK HERE grab your FREE e-book.




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Canva | Caitlin Bacher


Here’s How To Create A Customized Cover For Your Pinterest Boards

1. Go to canva.com and click on “Use Custom Dimensions”

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

2. The dimensions for your customized Pinterest board cover is 217 x 147.

Canva 2 | Caitlin Bacher

3. Create a color or pattern background. Try not to make it too busy, because the cover is small.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

4. Click the little “Copy” icon to the left of your image and create your next board image.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

5. Download.

6. Upload each of your new images by clicking on the “+” icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Canva 5 | Caitlin Bacher

7. Click upload a pin and choose the image you want to upload.

Caitlin Bacher's Blog

8. Select the board you want to pin it to. Pick the board with the cover image you want to replace.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

9. Click edit board and select “Cover Change”.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

10. Click “Save Changes”

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

11. Repeat this process for all your boards. You can see here I only replaced Caitlin Bacher’s Blog board.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

12. Done! You can see that I changed up the graphic a bit, but it looks a bazillion times better.

Canva | Caitlin Bacher

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