1. Logo or Personal Photo :: This is different depending on which business you are in. If you own a product based business, a logo is best. That is what people will most easily recognize. Bloggers and Professional Service providers should have a personal photo that REALLY stands out. Here are some good examples from Oh  Joy, The Crafted Life, Sugar & Cloth, and The House That Lars Built. That was clockwise by the way. Note that they are looking away from the camera or using a prop to conceal part of their face. In other words, don’t use your driver’s license pic.

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2. Brand Name or Personal Name :: If you sell a product, list your brand name. If you are a blogger, use your name and your blog name.

3. Tagline :: A tagline is essential for cluing Pinterest users into what you are all about. Pinterest is not like Instagram, so don’t write, “I blog about social media and like to wear sweatpants.” P.S. Yes, that’s me.

4. Location :: Include the place your business is based. Just because your blog and products are available worldwide doesn’t mean that you should write: Earth.

5. Link :: Verify your website. If you are only on Etsy, you’re screwed and can’t do it. One of the best things about Pinterest is their built-in analytics system. This is only available if your website is verified through Pinterest. If you haven’t verified your website yet, then drop everything and click here for how to get started.

6. Twitter + Facebook :: Do not connect to Facebook. Pinterest is only able to connect to your personal Facebook profile, not your business Facebook page. Unless you want your customers see all the annoying pictures of your kid that you post, don’t do it. Definitely connect to your Twitter profile. It is an easy way for people to click over to Twitter and follow you there.

7. Instagram :: If you are on Instagram (you better be if you are a creative business or provide services for creatives) then puh-lease include your Instagram handle. Do not, under any circumstances, write the following: Dance Party on Instagram. Once I did it and then threw up a little in my mouth afterwards. Stick to the basics.

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You may recognize this post from way back in August 2014. We retitled it from “How To Write Your Pinterest Profile Like A Pro” to “How To Write Your Pinterest Profile Like A Boss” because…it sounds better.