If you have a Facebook page, do you REALLY need a Facebook group? In this video, you’ll learn the major differences between Facebook groups and Facebook pages so you can decide whether you need one or both.

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Since Facebook groups are becoming more and more popular, many entrepreneurs are left wondering, “Isn’t may page enough?”

There are 5 important differences between a Facebook page and Facebook group.

#1 You can run ads from your Facebook page.

If paid advertising is a part of your marketing strategy, you need a Facebook page. Facebook will NOT let you run ads without a business page.

#2: Facebook groups provide you with an opportunity for a deeper connection with your audience.

Your business FB page is available for all to see. That means, people probably aren’t willing to bare their soul in the comments.

People are MORE willing to open up about their specific struggles inside of a group.

Once you understand their struggles, you can better serve them.

#3: Facebook groups provide better visibility

Facebook algorithms decrease the reach of your business page by as much as 98%! That means if you have 100 people like your biz page, only 2 people are going to see it.

In a Facebook group, everyone gets to see your posts. This increases your opportunity to connect with people who need your help!

#4: FB groups grow your email list faster than a page.

Facebook groups are insanely effective at growing your email list. My own Facebook group adds hundreds of people every single week to my own email list with ZERO paid advertising.

The people in your group are engaged and connected to you in a way that just doesn’t happen on other social media platforms, so when you do share a lead magnet inside your group, people will be MUCH MORE likely to sign up for it.

#5: FB groups are more profitable than a page.

Facebook groups create this perfect storm of optimum visibility, connection, and trust that you can’t find ANYWHERE else.

Have you noticed that even top Instagram and YouTube marketers have started their own groups? Even THEY know that Facebook groups are the BEST way to generate buzz and excitement before a launch.

Now you have a better understanding of how groups and pages differ.

You may be thinking, well, I guess I won’t even bother with a page…DON’T do that.

Potential customers (and future group members) will STILL want to connect with you on your Facebook business page.

So, MY advice is to do both. BUT, give most of your attention to your group.

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