Have you ever started RESENTING all the people in your Facebook group?

This is a topic that NOBODY ever talks about, so of course…we’re gonna talk about it.

In this video, I’ll talk about WHY burnout happens and you’ll walk away with three actionable strategies you can use to STOP feeling burned out as a Facebook group host.

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Today we’re going to dive into a topic that NOBODY talks about. The truth is, IF you host a Facebook, at one time or another you have probably been super duper pissed off at one of your members.

First, I want you to know this is completely normal and doesn’t make you a crazy psychopath.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Facebook group hosts and ALL OF THEM have struggled with feeling annoyed, or even resentful of certain members.

Feeling annoyed or resentful is a sign that YOU have not been practicing adequate self care.

Here are three ways YOU can avoid FB group burnout.

#1 Understand that you can’t save everyone.

If you’re like me, you LOVE to help people. As your group starts to grow, you will come to the painful realization that you CANNOT help everyone.

Your job as a FREE Facebook group host is to facilitate discussion, not solve everyone’s personal problems.

Pro-tip: Answer popular questions in a livestream so that EVERYONE can benefit.

If the question pops up again, you can just refer people to that specific livestream.

The whole point of a group is to serve 1 to many, not 1 to 1.

#2 Block and delete.

If someone in your group is not following the rules, you need to remove them from the group.

Your group is free.

You do not have time to write personal messages explaining why they have been removed.

I know we want to be kind, gentle, and loving, but COME ON. Your rules are there for a reason.

Pro-tip: Trust your intuition. If you feel someone is breaking a rule, they probs are.

Keeping troublemakers in the group ruins the experience for everyone else.

Respect your time and everyone else’s by removing people who don’t follow your rules.

#3: Teach people how to treat you,

If you feel resentful of specific people in your group who expect you to spend hours a day working for free, you need to take some personal responsibility.

What have you done to encourage this behavior?

Are you responding to all her private messages?

Are you spending hours a day in your group helping her solve a specific problem?

It’s perfectly fine to set firm boundaries in your group about what you will and won’t do.

Pro-tip: Once you set a boundary, you need to enforce it.

The rest of your members are depending on you to take care of yourself so you can better serve the group as a whole.

Don’t let them suffer just because you have a hard time saying NO to people.

Now you’ve learned exactly how to avoid Facebook group host burnout,

Remember, it’s normal! Don’t be ashamed, just take action.

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