Are you using the “L” word in your business?

You definitely should be.

Because without it you won’t be able to build a massive audience, improve your conversion process, or serve your audience at the highest possible level. 

The definition of the “L” word is, “using something to its maximum advantage.” 

Have you guessed what word I’m talking about? Hint: It’s not love! (Though you definitely should be sprinkling some of that into your business too) 

It’s leverage. 

Leverage is something that must exist through all three phases of your customer journey. Every phase should be used to its maximum advantage.

If you are an online course creator trying to evergreen your sales process, this video is for you.I dive into what I like to call “leveraged webinars,” which is something my students learn how to do so they can skip over the weekly live webinar approach altogether.

Why? Because there is nothing leveraged about the live webinar approach. Think about how much time and energy you are spending each week to get your webinar live and out in the online world?

Is that really the way you can take use webinars to its maximum advantage?

The students in my program now know the answer to that question, and maybe you do too.There’s a lot of phases in your audience and customer journey, not just your webinar, that NEED to be leveraged in order for you to generate the sales and create the impact you want. 

To your success,

Caitlin Bacher
Creator of Scale with Success®