My first course launch wasn’t a BIG hit.

In fact, I barely broke even.

Then… when I decided to automate my course sales and go evergreen…

I had to face massive challenges.

Because people who were teaching automation and passive income had NO idea how to do it…

And the ones who knew weren’t teaching it.

Hence, my SCALE method is unique.

I put all the pieces together myself.

I had to consciously stop the launch temptation.

I faced a lot of criticism, tons of resistance, and whole lot of contradictory opinions.

But I was able to scale my course to a MILLION DOLLARS.

And then I helped my students do the same.

So if you were to ask me today…

“Caitlin, what’s the secret ingredient to scaling an online course?”

I’d say…

Nothing more. Nothing less.

After watching the short video above, you’ll have your answer. Now it depends on YOU what you choose to do with it.


Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™

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