3 things every business needs to scale to a million dollars…

Here’s something only the savviest business owners truly understand…

There are three things every business needs in order to scale to a million dollars:

(1) Attract – A steady stream of new leads (continually & repeatedly)

(2) Convert – Those leads into clients & customers

(3) Serve – Your students/clients in the best way possible

But you already know that, don’t you?

You already know that you need to be getting in front of new people with your marketing message, convert those leads into clients, and then create a transformational experience for them.

That’s what got you where you are today.

That’s what helped you successfully launch your course.

And that’s what enabled you to build a 6-figure course-creation business.

What most 6-figure business owners don’t understand is…

…implementing the 3 things above is only half the puzzle.

The other half… and, yes, that’s more important… is how you execute these steps to build a business that’s sustainable and scalable.

So get this…

It’s the correct use of these 3 steps which can take an average 6-figure course, and transform it into a million dollar business.

Building a million dollar business is not about doing something radically different. It’s much, much more about taking the basic principles and implementing them in a strong, sustainable and scalable way.

If you’re ready to scale your course-creation business to a million dollars, check out my latest video below.

It’s free. And I tell you how exactly you can attract, convert and serve more of your customers WITHOUT feeling uninspired, burning yourself out, or solely relying on launches.

It’s time you go slow to go fast.



Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™


3 Phases Of A Million Dollar Business