When it comes to scaling your course to 7-figures (and beyond), there’s a common belief that in order to make MORE, you need to do MORE.

Which couldn’t be further from the truth…

…says the woman who has successfully scaled her course creation business to a million dollars, and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same.

More growth doesn’t mean more work, it means having a smart and effective strategy to do LESS and get a greater outcome.

Likewise, when it comes to automating your webinar funnel and evergreening your course enrollment, MOST don’t do it because they fear:

…not being able to serve new students joining every day

…not being able to retain new enrollments

…not being able to deliver great results

And as a conscious and smart entrepreneur, you KNOW that a negative student experience has the power to completely destroy your business.

So it’s natural to feel afraid of evergreening your course enrollment.

If you’ve ever wondered…

  • How does this whole evergreen course enrollment work?


  • What about the students who join at different times? How will they be catered? Because not everybody is gonna start and stop at the same time.


  • How do you get to retain new students and get them to follow through the course (without going off-track or asking for REFUNDS)?

Then, I’ve got something special for you today.

In the video above, I’m sharing with you THREE things that your student onboarding process should have to avoid refunds and offer a TOP-NOTCH experience to new students (without you burning yourself out or desperately trying to please everyone).

Scaling your course sales doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, watch the video above to see HOW!


Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™

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