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Hey! I’m Caitlin.

I help course creators generate consistent revenue every month so they can get off the launch roller coaster.

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Your Online Course Business’ Growth Cannot Outpace Your Inner Growth

Did you know I can tell how much money someone makes within a 5 min conversation? Because the things you perceive as problems change as you grow, and I am NOT talking about revenue growth.  The conversation of successful entrepreneurs shifts to things about adjusting their inner dialogue, finding inner peace, and being a powerful leader.  They aren’t worrying about what someone said on their latest video, or the ONE ad they ran that didn’t convert, or sitting in self-doubt.  And guess what? Magically their business and revenue take off. What most people don’t realize is that the successful business…...

3 Reasons Why I Joined A Mastermind

Have you ever been curious about what exactly goes on in a mastermind? Like, why are they such a big deal? WHY do course creators go gah gah for masterminds?   I’ve been in the same mastermind for the last three years and today I want to share three reasons WHY I chose to join a paid mastermind, plus you’ll learn the TRUTH about why I have no plans to ever leave.   ***AUDIO EXPERIENCE: To get the FULL recording of “Why I Joined A Mastermind”, click here to download. No opt-in required. So, first things first. Let’s get clear…...