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Hey! I’m Caitlin.

I help course creators generate consistent revenue every month so they can get off the launch roller coaster.

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#021: How To Lead Your Team Like A Million Dollar CEO (without Micro-Managing)

Scaling your business means building a team. But creating a successful team takes MORE than just hiring rockstar people —> It’s resisting the urge to give into the Micro-Management Monster. In this episode of The Caitlin Bacher Show, I’ll share the hidden dangers of micromanagement that most course creators are NOT thinking about, the essential core value that your business needs to ensure things get done (it’s not integrity), and my 3-Step Success Framework that you can begin implementing TODAY to start leading your team like a Million Dollar CEO™. Today’s episode is brought to you by Scale with Success®,…...

#014: 3 Mindset Shifts Course Creators Need To Make First Million Dollars

If you’re serious about creating a million dollar business, there are 3 MINDSET shifts that NEED to happen in order to get you there. Without them? You’ll stay STUCK. To find out what they are, check out episode #014 of The Caitlin Bacher Show! Today’s episode is brought to you by Scale with Success®, a group coaching program designed to help you generate scalable, launch-sized revenue month after month…WITHOUT launching. If you want to learn MORE about our proven method for success, click here to watch my free masterclass. See you in there! Subscribe & review on iTunes Did you…...