Do you know the difference between a struggling course creator and a successful course creator?

>> The difference between a mediocre course and an IN-DEMAND course…


>> The difference between a lackluster marketing message and an attention-grabbing message…


>> The difference between being another course creator and standing out as an EXPERT in your niche…

Well, the difference lies in the difference…

…the difference between a PRODUCT and an OFFER.

Now most course creators can’t tell the difference between these two fundamental parts of their business.

And a product and an offer is usually considered the same thing.

But in reality?

They are NOT the same thing.

In fact, it’s the ONLY difference that makes or breaks your course creation business.

Most course creators spend more time creating the product than developing their offer. And as a result, their message sounds another run o’ the mill message, their course looks like another course in the market, and their voice seems like another yelling voice in the online space.

Wanna know what exactly the difference is?


I hope after watching the above video, you’d turn your product (that’s your course, program or membership site) into an offer your ideal clients can’t refuse.


Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™


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