This for sure is causing you to fail NOT scale.

So you’re a 6-figure course creator. Great!

You’ve had a couple of successful launches and now you’re ready to scale.

That means you’re looking to get your hands on a time-tested and proven 7-figure roadmap.

I mean why not?

A step-by-step roadmap is what will help you move up the ladder and get you everything you need to turn your 6-figure course into a 7-figure business.

The only problem?

This “most-searched & most-wanted” roadmap doesn’t exist. BUMMER!

Most 6-figure course creators complain that their scaling process has been excessively prolonged.

You know why?

Because they keep looking for a roadmap…

…and looking for a roadmap to success is what cause them to fail, not scale.

There are definitely formulas, frameworks and roadmaps to get you to your first 6-figure; you read books, you devour blog posts, and you follow every guru on the planet internet…

You hustle, you work yourself to the bone, and you sacrifice…

But once you hit your first 6-figures, you’re pretty much on your own, on a road that needs to be paved by NONE other than YOU (Unless you have a mentor to help you through the process).

While I don’t have a 7-figure roadmap for you, I do have a little something to help steer you in the right direction, so you can move forward with confidence and conviction.

HERE YOU GO (It’s short & to-the-point).

The difference between looking for a roadmap and creating your own leads you to working 24/7 or making $10,000 on a Sunday while making pancakes with your kids.

Choose wisely.



Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™


7 Figure Income Map