Want to make a million dollars selling a course?

Do you want to learn how to make a million dollars selling a course?

Of course, you do!

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this email.

But the question is…

At what cost?

At the cost of your health?

Your family time?

Your sanity?

Because there are TWO distinct approaches to make a million dollars by selling a course to your audience.

>> ONE keeps you in the HUSTLE mode; keeping you on your toes, putting out fires, hoping, wishing & praying for the best.


Even if you hit the million dollar mark *eventually*…you feel drained – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Yes! I’m talking about “the launch model” here.

>> SECOND approach, on the other hand, is a gradual process that’s measurable, sustainable and 100% scalable. There’s no place for assumptions and wishful thinking, only a system that you can build, optimize and scale.


You go from PAIN & PANIC to a PROFITABLE business that you can rely on – while having the flexibility of stepping away from work if you want to.

Wanna know what the second approach is called?

Curious to see what exactly this process entails?

Ready to implement it so you can scale your course-creation business to a million dollars NOW – not 6 years down the line?  

The key to making a million dollars is actually pretty simple.

Watch the short video above and find out for yourself.

The answers to all of your questions are right here.



Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™


The SWS Method