The reason your FB group is NOT converting.

You have a good number of people in your FB group which is a great thing.

If new people are joining your FB group on daily basis, that’s even better!

Because it shows that your message resonated with them and grabbed their attention.

But do you know…what’s NOT good?

Failing to hold on to that attention.

Failing to bring them a bit closer.

Failing to convert your group members into clients.

So, why do the above happen?

Why do people go into hibernation after willingly joining your community?

Why do you suddenly become irrelevant to them? Meager likes, a couple of comments and that’s it.


If people are having a good night’s sleep in your Facebook group and the sales aren’t happening – DESPITE having a clear message, sharing interesting content, and selling a product that your community needs…

THREE key factors could be responsible for this.

  1.      Monotony – Your FB group members are bored of seeing the same thing again and again. It has almost become habitual. So, now they don’t respond.


  1.      Boredom – Your FB group members are bored out of their minds. Seriously. They are SO done playing nice and safe.


  1.      Alienation – They feel alienated, like they’re an object. Mostly it happens when you talk at them instead of talking to them.

So the question is…

How do you keep your FB group fresh, live, and engaging?

Below are 3 nifty tricks to spike engagement + sales in your FB group.

Hurry up! You don’t wanna miss this – especially the trick #2. I just LOVE it + it works like magic.



Caitlin Bacher | Creator of Scale with Success™


Facebook Group Roadmap