Working from home can drive you bananas. Let’s face it. Piles of papers, unfinished projects, and misplaced business cards can seriously hinder your productivity. 

Enter interior designing wiz, Lauren Dahl. Lauren runs Dahl House Interiors, an e-design service for people who want their home to look like a magazine. She also writes a blog, teaches art workshops, and sells her art on Etsy. So, yeah. She’s pretty busy. Lauren will show you how to create a workspace that is stylish and organized. I couldn’t resist pinning a few of my favorite workspaces from my Work Station board on Pinterest. Enjoy! XO, Caitlin

Create a Workspace at home you can live with

This is huge. It’s not realistic for you to get out all of your supplies each and every day, then put them up, then back out, and back up, and so on. How ridiculous is that? Just no. It’s bananas. Your business deserves so much more than that. Ideally, you could have a large room that’s just for you, but that’s not always the case for new creative businesses. I’m lucky to have a small extra bedroom in my home that I turned into a home office, which currently houses all my work stations. Again, that “luxury” is not always the norm.  In dream land, you would say to yourself: ” What’s up Suzy Home Maker Self? I’m richy rich from all the creative products I make, so  lemme’ go spend all my rich people money to pay someone to build me a brand new studio/work space”.

Apparently in dream land, you refer to yourself as “Suzy Home Maker”. So weird. Also, in dream land, you have become rich from your creative career. So not real life. You do need to figure it out though, and designate permanent areas as your work stations. Here are six work stations you need to create a functional home workspace.

6 stations to make your work area werk It

Station 1: Where you make things.

AKA, your creative work station. Paint, yarn, needles, canvas, etc. This needs to be a space that remains a work area at all times. This insures that any project, can be left and re-visited at any moment. It ensures that all of your supplies are readily available for your use. It also guarantees that there will be no excuses for not getting your work done.

Station 2: Where you compute.

This is one of the most important stations that will help your business grow. You need your computer area to email clients and customers, to keep track of orders and shipping, to blog or document your work, and to grow your business via social media. Moving your laptop from room to room all hours of the day isn’t going to cut it. Set your laptop in a specific area, buy a bulletin board, and get to work.

Station 3: Where you store things.

Luckily, this could be attached, or unattached from your regular work space. You do need a space just for storing “stuff” in an organized way. Labeled. Easy to see.

Station 4: Where you store more things. 

AKA, The “Not necessary to be visible” Business-y Stuff space. Ugh. Awful. But yes, you do need to have binders and files designated to keeping track of all that business-y stuff we wish didn’t exist. Taxes, invoices, receipts, etc. This also can be unattached. Labeled. Easy to Sort through.

Station 5: Where you display visual reminders.

AKA, The “Extremely necessary to be visible at all times” business-y stuff space. Calendars, current orders, your weekly goals, work schedule, etc.

Station 6: Where you tweet, pin, and post.

I know I mentioned a computer area, but somewhere you need to have a social media area. Trust me, it will help you in the long run. A bright window for natural light, and a white table or poster board will do the trick. Now, at all times, you can run over, photograph your product, and quickly upload to social media. #easyascake #omgcakesoundssogood