The reality is any course creator who is seeking to make a true impact is going to experience stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

Think about it. Name a time in your life where you’ve truly experienced success WITHOUT also experiencing those emotions. 

Part of the journey you are on requires you to endure all types of highs and lows.

A lot of worried launchers will take these hard times and bury themselves in their negative thoughts, stories and emotions… I don’t have to tell you that this type of mindset will keep you stuck. 

That’s why successful scalers harness the power of their emotions and know that each stressful step or lengthy to-do list is going to take them that much closer to their vision. They embrace the overwhelming moments and know once it passes they will be stronger, wiser, and more successful because of it.

To your success,

Caitlin Bacher
Creator of Scale with Success®