Not all evergreen funnels are built equal.

Sure, you can create an automated webinar funnel, slap together some emails, and BOOM! You’re ready to make money while you sleep.

But are you…really?

Because after giving you some brag-worthy numbers, there comes a time when your emails start falling on deaf ears, your conversions drop, and your funnel turns into a barren land.

So what’s the difference between the funnel that’s ONE time hit and then dies a slow, gradual death, and the funnel that SCALES month-after-month?

What’s the difference between the funnel that attracts uninterested, inactive clients vs. the funnel that helps your prospects go from struggle to success?

What’s the difference between the funnel that makes $15,000 a month vs. the funnel that generates $15,000 a week?

The difference lies in…


What sort of connection?

I see so many course-creators struggle to increase the revenue their funnel generates over time. The video above is my solution to that.



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