So, you are seriously considering applying for my ALTITUDE Mastermind, but you want to know more about HOW it’s different from my group coaching program, Scale with Success®…

Well, today I’m going to pull back the curtain on BOTH Scale with Success® and ALTITUDE so that you can determine which program is right for you.

If you missed last week’s episode “How To Choose A Mastermind That’s Right For You”, you DEFINITELY need to give it a listen. In that episode I give you three things you need to consider when making the important decision of WHICH mastermind you want to join.

Also, if you missed the episode where I talk about my OWN experience joining a mastermind and WHY I’ve been in the same mastermind for the last three years, make sure to listen to “3 Reasons Why I Joined A Mastermind”. It will give you some clarity about all the hooplah surrounding masterminds and you’ll discover why SO MANY successful course creators are joining one, myself included.

Alright, let’s dig into what makes my ALTITUDE mastermind so different from my Scale with Success® group coaching program.

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The first point of differentiation between ALTITUDE and Scale with Success® is CONTENT.

Most of you already know that Scale with Success® shares a sales and marketing method that is designed to help you generate predictable, scalable revenue from your course month after month.

We give you frameworks, outlines, scripts…everything you need to scale your signature course and break free from the launch roller coaster once and for all. You have a full team of coaches to support your growth and development as you continue to increase revenue month after month for an entire year!

Well, as a member of ALTITUDE, you get free and complete access to all the content inside Scale with Success® as well as free access to the Scale with Success® coaching team and all the Scale with Success® live events.

Everything you need to sell your course on auto-pilot.

But, in ALTITUDE…you get a lot more.

Personalized trainings based on the needs of the group are developed and delivered by my team and I over three separate live retreats per year, exclusively for members of ALTITUDE.

Our ALTITUDE members are launching and selling out new programs, hiring their first employees, building a local team, hosting new live events, reorganizing their product suite, and everything in between.

They’ve got unique problems and struggles that go far beyond what is covered inside Scale with Success®.

I want to give you a small taste of the kind of presentations that my team delivered for ALTITUDE members at our last retreat a couple months ago.

Training #1 Company Organization

One of the things that our current group wanted support around was how to structure their company roles so that EACH person on their team was generating profit for the company.

You see, most course creators at $250,000 per year have a team of random contractors that have been hired as needed. There is no clear structure in place and you, the CEO, end up trying to manage everyone and become the bottleneck of your business.

When you are the bottleneck, revenue flatlines, profits dip, and you run the risk of burning out emotionally – costing you FURTHER profits.

At our last mastermind retreat, my Integrator gave a mind-blowing presentation on how we organize and structure a relatively lean team for our multi-million dollar company…and we shared how that same structure could be applied to a business at their revenue level.

Each member walked away with a clear understanding of what a company organization chart looked like and how to use it to ensure each role is generating a PROFIT.

Training #2 Hiring, Onboarding, and Training A Coaching Team

Another example of something the ALTITUDE mastermind members wanted to learn more about was our process for hiring, onboarding, and training a coaching team.

If you are already generating $250,000 in revenue and want to continue to grow to 7 figures and beyond – you need to learn how to take yourself OUT of the delivery process of your course. The reality is that if you train your coaching team correctly, your clients and students will have a BETTER experience inside your program than they would if YOU were the only one responsible for supporting them.

Why? Well, it’s the bottleneck issue again. Only this time, you’d be a bottleneck for the growth of your students. Hiring and training a world-class support team enables you to provide a world-class experience to your students so they can in turn, get world-class results!

At our retreat my company’s Director of Client Success shared our process for hiring, onboarding, and managing the coaching team for Scale with Success. Some of our clients do all the coaching themselves, but most are in the process of hiring a team to help them serve more people at a higher level.

One thing to note is that my TEAM is creating and delivering these presentations. Why? Because I’ve built a company of employees who have autonomy and ownership of their role. I am focused on being the Visionary of my company and have created an environment where my team feels challenged to grow outside of their comfort zone, to take risks, and to move the company forward.

I don’t have a team of drones waiting to be told what to do at every turn. They are Thinkers AND they are Doers. This isn’t accidental. I’ve intentionally created this environment for my employees to ensure our company’s success.

I want the same for you.

The second point of differentiation between ALTITUDE and Scale with Success® is CURATION. 

The value of a mastermind is in the curation of the group and this group is NOT for everyone.

My group coaching experience, Scale with Success® is open to course creators at ANY income level. 

My ALTITUDE mastermind is different. 

You MUST be a course creator generating over $250,000 to apply to ALTITUDE. We have two levels.

Level 1 is for those who are generating over $250,000 in revenue and Level 2 is for those who are generating over $1,000,000 in revenue.

I want to be perfectly clear. Building a multi-million dollar business is not accidental and you cannot “wing it”. 

While you can “wing it” to six figures, you can’t do that to seven figures in a way that is actually profitable AND sustainable.

Right now, the only reason you don’t have a multi-million dollar business because you are not THINKING and MAKING DECISIONS like a multi-million dollar business owner.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t CAPABLE of doing it, it’s just that you don’t know how…yet.

The guidance I will share inside ALTITUDE is DIFFERENT than what I would share inside Scale with Success®. If I shared this with people making less than $250k/year, it would actually HARM their business and prevent them from reaching the $250k mark.

That is WHY the curation of the group is so important.   

We only admit those who will actually benefit from being there.

The third point of differentiation between ALTITUDE and Scale with Success® is COMMITTMENT.

How would your life and business change if you made the decision to play full out and go all in?

Right now.

Not tomorrow.

Not when you “feel ready”.

Now. And everyday after that. 

The second you commit to ALTITUDE is the second that everything changes. Ask ANY member of ALTITUDE and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Most people will not make this level of commitment, not because they can’t, but because they won’t.

They are so stuck in their head as to WHY THEY CAN’T…they are not even considering HOW THEY CAN.

They won’t even apply to get on a call and see what it’s all about. They’ll sit next to you and whisper in your ear, “You don’t REALLY need this mastermind.”

And that is why THEY will never have the kind of business that generates millions per year or even millions per month.

They are not committed to growth, they’re committed to playing it safe. You cannot be equally committed to growth and playing it safe.

In ALTITUDE, we only want people who are committed to growth.

You are expected to attend each live event so that YOU don’t hold back the group. We don’t expect you to be perfect…we expect you to be PRESENT. 

Do you want to join a mastermind where nobody shows up to the events and half the people who do are staring at their phone the whole time? Of course you don’t! We’ll give you all the dates before you join so you will have ample time to make your attendance a priority.

When you surround yourself with people who are just as crazy – um, I mean committed – as you are, something magical happens. 

The first thing you’ll notice is a renewed sense of inspiration to grow your business. You’ll be surrounded with people who have done to the very things that you are “thinking” of doing. Suddenly, the impossible SEEMS possible.

Your big, crazy goals don’t seem crazy anymore – they seem DOABLE.

Everything you want is on the other side of your commitment and joining ALTITUDE is the first step.

So, here’s what I need you to do. If you qualify for ALTITUDE, but you’re still on the fence, I want to hear from you. 

Not because I want to convince you to join, but just because I’m curious to hear what’s on your mind.

I want to hear what questions you have or what may be holding you back from applying.

Applications for ALTITUDE open October 28-November 1 and enrollment will close shortly after. 

So, if you have questions, NOW is the time to ask. Send me a DM on Instagram right here.

Next week you’ll hear about some of the results our ALTITUDE clients have been experiencing.

Until then, make sure to sign up for the ALTITUDE waitlist right here.

To Your Success,
Caitlin Bacher
Creator of Scale with Success® + ALTITUDE