In 2015, I was ready to follow my dreams, quit my job as a social media manager, and open my own consulting business.

BUT, I had a *slight* problem. Nobody had ever heard of me!

I’d been busy growing audiences for clients, but spent zero time growing my own.

I knew the fastest way for me to build authority and influence was through a Facebook group.

So, I opened my group and was READY to impact the lives of thousands…



 Here I was, a “social media expert” and my group was full of posts by me AND NOBODY ELSE.

I felt like a giant failure.

I knew that nobody was going to see me as an expert in anything if I couldn’t get my group talking.

A lot has changed since then.

Now I host a wildly engaged (and profitable) group full of over 23,000 targeted members.

But, I will NEVER forget the way it felt to have a group with ZERO interaction.

Since that fateful day in 2015, I’ve developed a complete system for creating a profitable Facebook group and it’s available to you NOW for a limited time only.

My program, The Fab Facebook Group System, leads you through every single step of my proven approach to growing your email list, building a wildly engaged community, and getting more clients and customers with EASE.


Look. I’m a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Now that my daughter is in preschool, I have about 30 hours a week to work on my business – but, I used to have EVEN LESS. I don’t have time to run around hosting webinars every week, pitching myself to every podcast on the planet, and create never-ending sales funnels that barely work. I HATE THAT STUFF.

My first year of business I was a MESS, pushing myself too hard and trying to follow someone else’s recipe for success.

When that happened, I realized I was going to IGNORE all the crazy workaholics I was following on social media to find a NEW way of doing business…filled with CONNECTION and EASE.

I created The Fab Facebook Group System because I saw SO MANY entrepreneurs running themselves ragged, following the SAME advice I once did.

This is NOT “just a course about Facebook groups”. This is a comprehensive system that will completely transform the your business. More ease. More customers. More connection.

I’ve seen the powerful transformation my program has had on hundreds of my students’ lives and businesses…YOU’RE NEXT.


I have a FREE copy of The Facebook Group Roadmap and it has YOUR name on it. Well, it’s actually my name on the cover – but, you get what I mean.

This roadmap will give you a fresh, burst of clarity so you can FINALLY make sense of your Facebook group.