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Together with my team, we guide business-minded online course creators who are struggling with the growing pains of scaling their business to create predictable and profitable revenue so they can ultimately focus their energy on creating the impact they desire in their communities and the world.

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#033: Anti-Racism: Why Checklists Don’t Work

If only becoming anti-racist was as easy as checking off 1, 2, and 3… …but it’s not. The roots of systematic racism run both deep and wide. And neither you or I (or our businesses) are outside of its reach. Hit play on this episode of Scale with Success®: The Podcast Built for Course Creators™, where you’ll hear the journey I’ve been traveling with my mentor and coach, Lynne Maureen Hurdle, as we’ve identified and unpacked the covert ways systemic racism has influenced the various parts, systems, and practices of my company. Subscribe & review on iTunes Did you enjoy…...