WAIT. This MAY NOT be for you, so keep reading.

People who need lots of hand holding.

This experience is for:

People who currently sell online courses and are making at least $12,000 per month.

People who are constantly blaming others for their lack of progress. 

People who complain...a lot.

People who are emotionally mature and accept 100% responsibility for their success.

People who know it can be lonely at the top, which is why we're all coming with you.

People who are HIGHLY creative, ambitious, and don't need a lot of hand holding.

This experience is NOT for:

People who are ready to get uncomfortable and explore new ways of thinking about money, success, and impact.

People who are sick of following somebody else's formula for success and ready to discover their own. 


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How quickly do you believe you can scale one product to six figure months?

Truth Time: Most people will NEVER get there.

But, you're not "most" people.

It's 11 am and you've already had 4 sales (and a few upsells) come through for your premium program.

That's $5,237 before you sit down to eat your lunch, and the day isn't over yet.

Not bad for a Tuesday morning.

No, you're not launching...'re scaling.

Your ads manager just messaged you on Slack to say that your automated webinar funnel is now out performing your live launches.

Guess that small tweak to your messaging DID make a difference.

You look at your To Do list in Asana and you review the new sequence your copywriter submitted.

It is EPIC and you can't wait to see the results.

The upsell Caitlin advised you to create last week is already increasing your profits by 25%.

For the first time in your life as an have a feeling of certainty and control.

Your cash flow is high and your bank account is full.

$5,237 before 11 am...on a Tuesday.

It's time to DO LESS with MORE IMPACT.

Imagine trying to scale Mt. Everest...

...while pushing 2 tons of supplies with you.

Sounds crazy, right?

YES, but this is exactly what you've been doing.

Right now, you are doing too many things.

You're an over-achiever, so "doing too many things" comes naturally to you.

The problem is that your over-achieving tendencies are getting in the way.

Most over achievers NEVER get past $200,000 because they refuse to believe that making money can be EASY.

They're addicted to the struggle. The anxiety. The roller coaster of emotions.

The constant launching of new programs, new podcasts, new ideas.

You are making this too hard.

You can make six figures a month from selling one product.

It is possible, but you CANNOT do this alone.

You already know that, which is why you're still here.

You don't need MORE STUFF to scale your business, you need less.

Why is Caitlin doing this now?

Good question.

For over a year, I was STUCK at $20,000 per month.

Sure, I had the OCCASIONAL $60,000 month after a big launch...but on average I could NOT break through my income ceiling.

I tried EVERYTHING, but my revenue simply wouldn't budge.

To make matters worse, I WAS EXHAUSTED.

I completely blamed myself.

I thought that maybe I just wasn't cut out to grow a 7 figure business.

My friends were doing it, but they were more exhausted than I was!!!

With a  family to take care of, I COULD NOT work 24/7...and that's what I saw everyone else doing.

In May 2017, everything changed.

I'll never forget the day my mentor slapped some sense into me. (Yes. I have mentors and coaches, too. How do you think I got here?)

I had just laid out a plan for a huge launch to him.

I knew my numbers, everything was set...but, there was a problem.

I fucking hated that stupid plan.

He said, "Do you want to do this?"

The tears poured out and I said that I didn't.

He encouraged me to dig deeper, ignore everyone's formulas, and discover a new path for myself that felt light and easy.

Here's what happened next...

In May, I generated $21,547. (The usual income I couldn't get past.)

In June, I generated $41,212.

In July, I generated $137,020.

In August, I generated $215, 938.

Get the picture?

I grew my online course business from $200k in 2016 to over $1 million dollars in 2017. 

My business now generates over $150,000 per month WITHOUT launching anything new. (That's $1.8 million a year from selling one product.) 

My mentor changed my life and now I'm about to change yours.

I'm on a mission to help other course creators, like you, take control of your businesses and start scaling in a way that gets you EXCITED to take action.

You will NOT be squeezed into some kind of formula.

Together, we'll develop a personalized plan for you to scale your business that lights you up.


Your application will be delivered straight to your inbox.

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