As a babe in business, you have an entire arsenal of Really Rad & Totally Top Secret Weapons at your disposal in order to help you develop your personal brand. Some of these are rather kind of obvious (and not-so-top-secret) like your logo, but then we also have tools hidden in there, like the seemingly boring old About Me page on your website.

If you’re playing your cards right, that page is anything but boring. The Hidden Power of your About Me page is actually kind of mind-blowing, or at least it was for me.

Let’s look at two different ways of doing an About Me page:


You’ve just landed on my own About Me page & I’ve got a pretty cute photo and a brief bio on there. I tell you that I’m often found eating sushi or hot wings, live in Nashville TN, have a cat named Napoleon and that I’m on team Queen B for president 2016.

This may get a couple chuckles out of my readers & maybe, just maybe it’ll get a few people’s attention enough that they’ll stick around and do their own digging on my blog. Who knows, maybe they even end up on my services page and hire me to do their branding for them.

What if instead of that “maybe” we had a much better shot at getting those causal passerby’s to not only read my blog, but subscribe to it + my newsletter? And what if they even got so excited by my About Me page that they popped over & were converted to a client or customer? How rad would that be!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: not only is that possible, but it happens. Frequently.

There are a dozen different ways and theories on the exact formula to creating the perfect About Me page, but I think if you include the following, the rest is just personal flair, fun & experimentation:


It may sound a tiny bit harsh, but let’s be real, ok? Not everyone who lands on your page is going to care and that’s totally, totally ok! There are like 8 billion people in the world, thank goodness we all like different things, otherwise, this shiz would be super boring, right?

But you want to make sure you’re reaching the ones who WOULD totally care. They’ve landed on your page and you are seconds away from being being the answer to their quest for the PERFECT resources on X. So now I think it’s time to look at Option Two.


I’ve got that cute photo still, but instead of leading with the silly bits about me, I have explained that my blog & website are for babes in business who are looking to live more glamorous, happy and generally glitter-filled lives. I also explain that this specific reader can continue to come to my website for tips on living a simpler freelanced life, for branding advice, for selflove pep talks and for inspiration and resources to be happier & sillier.

This is just the first paragraph and already, you have a much better idea of what I do, who it’s for & if this is the kind of website you’d like to stick around on.

Would some rando who’s into gaming stay on my page? Probably not. I have nothing to offer that person. But someone who’s looking to start freelancing full-time or who maybe already is a babe in business? Hells yeah. And that’s who I WANT on my page. So I have to let them know they’ve found the answer to their quest 😉


Ok, now I’ve realized you’re everything I’ve been looking for and I’m ready to become obsessed with your blog and brand. But I’m not really sure where to start. So show me.

On my personal About Me page, I have a bulleted list of links to some of my most popular blog posts and blog series. I’ve also given them direct links to other projects I’m working on (like Clever Darling Magazine & It’s Paper Dear) so that if they’re really excited they can pop over to those too. Simple.

There are a bunch of different ways to do this, but as long as you’ve given them a path to start on, that’s what’s most important. Get as simple or as complex as you’d like.


Ok, cool. We’ve got them hooked, we’ve got them going but now what? Give them something to do! A link to follow you on social media, your newsletter sign up form, a contact form to get the conversation started about them becoming a client. Whatever. You just need to make sure this new fan of yours remembers to keep coming back, again and again. Even the most obsessed of fans can forget when they follow quite a few other brands + businesses.

After that, you can pretty much have some fun and play around. Want to include a freebie for them to download? DO IT. Have a video of you dancing to some Michael Jackson? Upload that. Your About Me page is an amazing tool for you to use, but it doesn’t have to be too serious either. Have some fun, show your personality.

After all, they’re sticking around because they found you (and your About Me page) to be really rad… 🙂